Lately, in West Asheville, NC: most of us have become “foodies,” beer snobs, front yard produce/ flower farmers, farm to table aficionados, and social experts with a passion for live music with friends at a local gathering spot. As this neighborhood or “annexed” end of Asheville continues to grow in popularity and size, so do it’s eclectic offerings. And, I’m pleased to say I Love it. For me, good friends, good food, cooking, baking, gardening, entertaining, and enjoying (or even understanding) a good local craft beer is sheer happiness.

After years of friends asking me for a recipe of something I kind of whipped up, or a tip on finding great discount household items, I decided to give this “blog idea” a shot.  From sharing recipes, to entertainment ideas, household tips, and whatever else may inspire creativity: I hope you enjoy a peek into MY West Asheville Life.